Windows.3.11.Swedish-Perah download torrent

Windows.3.11.Swedish-Perah download torrent

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Microsoft Windows version for workgroups

————————————————– ———–

How to install?

1. Copy Disc1 to floppy and so on.

2. Install MS-Dos (3 discs) (MS-Dos requires

FAT16; FAT16 can only work with 2 GB hard drives and

65,000 files)

3. Start the computer and insert Windows

DISC1 in the drive.

4. In Dos, type A: and press Enter. enter now

configuration and press Enter.

5. Welcome to installation will appear, go ahead and click


6. Select Express Install.

7. Do as the configuration says. Insert disc 2 and


This will be done shortly, then remove all floppy disks and

reboot to boot into windows


————————————————– ———–

Additional DISK

It doesn’t matter if disk 3 works


If disk 3 is not working, check the secondary


————————————————– ———–


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